'I felt really stupid': Coronation Street star opens up on suffering stroke at 35


    Now regaining 90% of his speech back, Chris confessed that the first few days out of the hospital he became irritable as he was stumbling over his words still.

    “I knew what I was trying to say but I couldn’t quite get my words and I would stop through sentences and it was quite tough.”

    Doctor Ellie appeared on the show to tell the This Morning hosts that having a stroke at an age similar to Chris’s is very uncommon.

    She added it would only really happen if somebody has a health problem but the classic sign of a stroke is speech problems.

    The doctor shared that other signs to be aware of is the drooping of the face or feeling a sudden sense of weakness in an arm.

    If people spot those signs she then urges them to call 111 or 999 as Chris had done in his situation.

    This Morning continues weekdays on ITV from 10am


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