'I keep forgetting I'm President' Comedy moment Biden forgets to tell soldiers 'at ease'


    Joe Biden began his heartfelt speech to personnel at the RAF Mildenhall base in Suffolk where he thanked them for their service and praised the families who support them. But Joe Biden, who has been criticised several times since he took office, forgot to tell attendees to be “at ease” as he remarked, “I keep forgetting I’m President”. The US President is set to visit the G7 summit this weekend where he will meet with other political leaders to discuss the biggest issues in the world right now. 

    Speaking at the army base, Mr Biden thanked a teenager who introduced him to the stage and said: “Because we all know that the whole family serves.

    “[I want to thank] Sydney, you’re 14-years-old… please at ease, I keep forgetting I’m president.”

    The audience laughed as he continued with his speech adding when he was 14 he suffered from a stutter and praised the bravery of the young girl. 

    Later in his speech, Mr Biden told the audience he would be meeting with leaders of the G7 before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

    Mr Biden said: “[I will then] meet with Mr Putin to let him know what I want him to know.”

    The audience erupted into cheers with Mr Biden adding: “At every step of the way, we will let everyone know that the United States is back. 

    “And democracies across the world are standing together to tackling the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future.”



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