I used white vinegar to remove very stubborn limescale from my kettle – the results


    Limescale is the white, chalky residue that accumulates in kettles or coffee machines, and it’s particularly visible on stainless steel. It’s a common problem in hard water areas, where the higher concentration of magnesium and calcium leads to limescale. To try and remove it effectively I tested out the white vinegar cleaning hack.

    A simple shop bought kettle cleaner can be enough to remove the limescale from your kettle. 

    These can be highly effective, but have the side effect of sometimes adding their own taste to your water and also being relatively expensive.

    Instead I opted for the natural route and decided to use white vinegar to remove the limescale. Cleaning experts at Harvey Water Softeners also recommended this option.

    They said: “Choosing a natural limescale remover is often a cheaper and more environmentally friendly approach to removing limescale from your kettle. Any mild acid should do the trick; things like white vinegar and water mixed together, or lemon juice work well, wiped down with a damp cloth.”

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    After rinsing with water, my kettle looked as good as new and didn’t require any scrubbing or elbow grease to get rid of the limescale that once caked the appliance. I also used some white vinegar on a microfibre cloth to wipe down limescale patches on the rest of the kettle.

    Limescale dissolves easily with a mild acid, so something like ordinary white distilled vinegar from the supermarket is an excellent tool to get your kettle clean and sparkling again.

    As the vinegar was combined with water the smell of this natural cleaning agent was not as pungent and soon went after a few minutes. 

    Not only is white vinegar brilliant for removing limescale, but it also works to remove stains from a multitude of surfaces.

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    I picked up the cleaning staple from Home Bargains for £1. Households can also buy white vinegar from their local supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

    The description of the product reads: “Designed to help add a little sparkle to your home, the Stardrops 750ml White Vinegar Spray is an effective multi-purpose spray that’s designed to help work away tough stains and limescale. 

    “Suitable for use on surfaces including glass and fabric, this 750ml cleaning solution is sure to come in handy around the house.”

    While drinking from a kettle with limescale is safe, it can impact the taste and leave a chalky white build-up floating in the drink. 

    Not only does removing limescale from kettles improve the water that is being boiled, an expert has shared that it can also help households save on their energy bills.

    Barry Gray, a home appliance expert and the founder of The Tools Square exclusively told Express.co.uk: “Removing limescale from a kettle can help homeowners save money on utility bills. Limescale is a build-up of calcium and other minerals that forms inside electric water heaters and boilers. It’s often difficult to remove, which means it costs homeowners more in utility fees. 

    “By regularly cleaning and descaling your appliance, you can reduce the amount of limescale that forms, reducing its ability to disrupt function and aesthetics. And because this process is simple and quick, it can be done quickly at home without any significant investments or modifications required.

    “By correctly maintaining your appliances (including your kettle) that are subject to limescale build ups you can save approximately £30 per year – or 3p per day per appliance.”


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