'I was in Cobra meetings!' Minister hits out at Dominic Cummings over PM's 'lies'


    The UK Government’s Energy Minister told ITV’s GMB that she was involved in the COBRA meetings where herd immunity was discussed by scientists as something that could help the UK but it was adamant it was not put forward as a policy by the Government. Ms Trevelyan was quizzed on herd immunity after Dominic Cummings, the former Chief Adviser to Boris Johnson, claimed it was the original strategy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. 

    The Energy Minister told GMB: “I am very clear that I was sitting in COBRA meetings with the Prime Minister very early on while the scientists were explaining how herd immunity might help the nation to get to grips with this.

    “The absolute focus was on finding as quickly as possible, how we could protect all our citizens and the NHS as we went into lockdown.”

    She added: “From where I was sitting it was very clear that herd immunity was not a policy, it was part of the explanations, but it was not a policy.”

    More to follow…


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