'I wouldn't trust Joe Biden to run a bath!' Former MEP asks why 81.2m people voted for him


    Last year, the Democrat won the US Presidential election beating former President Donald Trump. But Mr Biden has been widely criticised making several blunders during numerous press conferences. During a recent interview on CNN, the US President was barely understandable as he delivered his answer.

    Now, former MEP Martin Daubney took to Twitter to lash out at the Democrat and described him as a “gibbering old turkey”.

    Mr Daubney tweeted: “I wouldn’t trust Joe Biden to run a bath.

    “So why did 81.2 million voters trust him to run America?

    “A gibbering old turkey is in charge of the Free World.”

    He later added: “Although it doesn’t feel very ‘free’ at the moment, does it?”

    This is not the first time Mr Biden has been criticised for causing confusion during press conferences since he was inaugurated back in January.

    Back in March, Mr Biden sparked fears over his health after making multiple gaffes during his first press conference since taking office.

    Mr Biden sparked confusion after leaving the podium after saying he would take one final question.

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    Mr Biden has frequently stumbled over his words but revealed he has a stutter which he has been working to fight his whole life.

    Back in 2019, Mr Biden hit back at Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sarah Huckabee and said he had “worked my whole life to overcome a stutter”.

    Last month, the US President faced backlash after support for him eroded among Democrats as the country looked forward past the pandemic.

    According to a new Ipsos poll, Mr Biden has seen a drop in support since April as his administration wrestles with Congress to make good on campaign promises.

    The poll – which ran from June 11 to 17 – found Mr Biden was still more popular than his predecessor Mr Trump.

    Up to 55 percent of adults approved of Mr Biden’s performance in office and 65 percent liked his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

    In comparison, at this point four years ago, only 36 percent of adults approved of the former Republican President.

    However, a growing number of Americans now disapprove of Mr Biden’s leadership on the economy, gun violence and taxation.

    In the damning poll, the biggest decline came from within Mr Biden’s own party especially those under the age of 40, non-white Democrats or those with a college degree.


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