IDS 'not surprised' to be banned from China as MP 'wears it as badge of honour'

Iain Duncan Smith told Sky News this morning that it was a “badge of honour” to speak out against the horrendous abuses the Chinese government are waging against the minority Muslim Uyghur population in the western province Chinese of Xinjiang. Speaking out against the abuses the former Work and Pensions Secretary said the world is seeing a “genocide take place there” in an attempt to “exterminate a whole ethnic group”. He said he will continue to speak out aganst the disgraceful actions of China despite now being banned from the country following attempts by China to silence him.

Hitting out at China IDS said: “We are literally I believe seeing genocide take place there.

“In an attempt to exterminate a whole ethnic group.”

The former cabinet minister went on to explain how following Western sanctions against four Chinese diplomats for the countries treatment of the Uyghur population he has since been banned from visiting China.

He said China’s barring of him “didn’t surpise me” adding “the Chinese were bound to retaliate.”

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Iain Duncan Smith’s comments come as a growing number of accounts from those who have been detained inside the camps have reported systematic abuse, rape, torture and sterilisation of women, men and children.

It is believed the system of camps hold over ONE MILLION Uyghurs across 380 locations.

The Chinese government have continued to defend the camps as locations for “re-education”.

But the UN has been banned from visiting Xinjiang province where the Uyghur “re-education” camps are located.


The Chinese Communist Party maintain the existence of the camps is to reduce the supposed terror threat in the region.

This week Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the sanctions applied to the Chinese officials are due to the “appalling violations” of human rights against Uyghur Muslims in the Western Xinjiang province.

Sanctions have been placed on four Chinese officials include imposing travel bans and asset freezes on the country.

Western nations have accepted that what is taking place in Xinjiang is genocide by China.

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