'I'll give you 30 seconds!' Trevor Phillips scolds Labour's Ashworth in painful interview


    The Labour Party used their conference in Liverpool to shame the Tory economic policy and outline their own “green prosperity plan”. With the conference now concluded, Sir Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet has come under pressure to outline the core difference between the Conservative economic strategy and their own policy. Jonathan Ashworth, a Shadow Cabinet member, became engaged in a heated debate with Sky News host Trevor Phillips over Labour’s economic approach. As tensions escalated, the television host declared he had “30 seconds to tell us how bad the Tories are,” before the Labour MP would be pressured to explain his party’s own plan.

    Speaking on Sky News, Mr Phillips asked: “What would Labour do, other than the windfall tax that would only last a year, to tackle all of the problems you’ve enumerated that the Conservative are not currently doing?”

    Mr Ashworth replied: “At our party conference two weeks ago, we outlined how we were going to rebuild our economy, make our economy more dynamic and spread prosperity and opportunity.

    “For example, we are going to invest in the green technologies of the future.”

    The news host hit back: “So are they!”

    Mr Ashworth denied his claims: “No they’re not. The problem is they’re not are they?”

    Mr Phillips continued to highlight the Tories similar policy of greater investment in energy efficiency amid a crisis of fuel costs in the UK.

    The Labour MP repeated: “No they’re not, no they’re not, no they’re not.”

    The Sky News host declared: “They’ve given you the numbers they are going to invest and it runs into billions.”

    In the Government’s latest plan to help vulnerable households address rising energy costs, the Conservatives have mapped out a plan to invest £1.5 billion in green energy efficient upgrades.

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