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‘Important to rest!’ Queen understands limits and ‘not to push herself too far’ – expert



Last week Buckingham Palace announced the Queen had cancelled her planned trip to Northern Ireland over health concerns with it later revealed she had spent a night in hospital for tests.

Royal doctors sent the monarch to be seen by specialists in London on Wednesday.

Royal podcaster Gertude Daly, who runs the Gert’s Royal podcast, has spoken in an interview about the Queen’s stay in hospital and her age.

The royal podcaster said the Queen’s age suggests the busy schedule is “a lot for a 95-year-old.”

Gertrude told the Daily Star: “I think after having so many digital engagements during the pandemic, the Queen was very eager to go out and be seen by her people.

“I think the palace scheduled a rather ambitious few weeks of engagements in October. She’s had events scheduled in all four countries that make up the UK.”

She continued: “The Queen is undoubtedly disappointed to be forced to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland, especially as it has been years since her last visit.

“But the Queen also knows it is important to rest and not push herself too far.

“Cancelling the two-day visit to Northern Ireland, will, hopefully, mean the Queen is able to keep the rest of her schedule of engagements, included another trip to Scotland for the COP26 conference.”

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Last week marked her first overnight stay in hospital in eight years.

The Queen’s previous admission was in 2013, when the monarch suffered symptoms of gastroenteritis.

The hospital stay is not reported to be related to COVID-19.


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