Incredibly light, agile and portable: Small laptops are hitting above their weight class

If you paid top dollar for a laptop, wouldn’t you expect it to be a great computer? Of course you would.

That’s not been the case with premium-priced ultraportable laptops. Yes, they were impressively thin and light, so you could take them anywhere. But you had to be willing to compromise on pretty much everything else. Because while their svelte frames may have spared you from heavy lifting, they weren’t equipped to do much of it themselves.

This year, suddenly, things are different. For the first time, the thinnest laptops now pack a punch that belies their weight. So they’re easy to tuck under your arm when you scout a new spot to work when your partner needs the home office for a Zoom call. These new bantamweights probably won’t even break a sweat – even if you’re settling in for some serious number-crunching or video editing.

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