'****ing Tory!' Foul-mouthed Remainer 'attacks' spectator for refusing to wear EU beret


    The final day of the Proms took place on 11 Sept 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall. It was reported in Euro-Guido that at this year’s event a spectator was told by a Remainer to wear an EU beret. The news outlet said that after the spectator refused, “they were greeted with insults ranging from ‘f**king Tory’ to accusations of being a member of the Bullingdon'”.

    Euro-Guido reported that “the venue of the Proms was nonetheless bedecked with EU flags during the final performance”.

    The news outlet also reported that a large proportion of those in the crowd also wore EU-branded berets.

    A Remainer was described as “attacking” the spectator with verbal insults for refusing to wear the EU beret.

    Euro-Guido called the display of loyalty to the bloc a “spontaneous outpouring of middle-class metropolitan EU-loving”.

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    These include Brexit controls on food and animal-related products.

    It also delays on new red-tape on imports of food products, including dairy, eggs, honey and meals, such as lasagne and pizza.

    However, this delay of border checks was mocked by Eu diplomats.

    One EU diplomat told the FT: “It’s ironic.

    “They talked about taking back control, but they are letting products into Britain without any controls at all.

    “That’s fine with us.”

    Brexit minister Lord Frost said these delays were to combat supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    In a statement, he said: “We want businesses to focus on their recovery from the pandemic rather than have to deal with new requirements at the border, which is why we’ve set out a pragmatic new timetable for introducing full border controls.”


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