Ingenius way to use a hot water bottle to keep cool and help you sleep in hot weather


    With the UK finally enjoying warm weather, Britons everywhere are struggling to sleep because of the sometimes overwhelming temperatures. However, this unexpectedly easy hack to help you keep cool at night could be the answer.

    Although it may be hard to believe, a hot water bottle might be the best way to keep your bed cool.

    Revealing the trick on TikTok, Sam Batterson shared how she manages to make it though the blisteringly hot nights.

    In the video, she said: “Fill your hot water bottle up with half cold water, then put it in the freezer.

    “I put mine in all day.”

    Ms Batterson then puts the frozen hot water bottle under her duvet around an hour before going to bed.

    When she gets into bed, she moves the now slightly defrosted bottle into her pillow case.

    She added: “Put it in your pillowcase, or just rest on it – it’s amazing!”

    The clip quickly went viral on TikTok, being viewed over 970,000 times and receiving thousands of comments from people left stunned by the trick.

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