ISIS brags of killing 55 people attack in Mozambique – Portugal sends special forces

The terrorist group targeted the town of Palma, where a one-year-old baby was injured as her parent ran away from the gunfire. Dozens of people were killed by the terrorists, including a British contractor from Somerset who had worked at a hotel in the area. After survivors managed to escape on a small UN plane, ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre of 55 innocent people.

The attack began last Wednesday, since then, there have been repeated rescue operations to try and save the remaining residents.

Due to the attack, the Portuguese government has now sent 60 special forces troops to support operations, the Lusa news agency reported.

The Amarula Lodge had been used as a safehold for 190 residents as ISIS terrorists descended on the area.

The local government hired a South African security firm, Dyck Advisory Group, to breach the siege to collect survivors and dead bodies.

Lionel Dyck, who runs the firm, told the BBC: “My guys are engaging these terrorists in skirmishes.

“The terrorists have taken cover in houses, which is what they always do.

“They come out and shoot at the aircraft, and they have hit and shot at our aircraft often.

“Until we put sufficient troops in there to clear them out of the houses of Palma they will remain in control.”

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Nick Alexander, who holds both British and South African citizenship, was rescued after spending two nights in the wild after being part of the convoy which was attacked.

His daughter Jayde told The Times: “He and two others from the car then ran to hide into the bushes with the gun.

“They were literally crawling through the bush until they were rescued.

“He found safe spots at the lodge where he hid food and water and made plans about where he would hide if he had to.”

Many of the survivors are contractors who work for the French energy firm, Total who operates a £14billion gas site nearby.

It is now thought the terrorist group has managed to confine many of those remaining to the Amarula Lodge.

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