'It's even flowering!' Easy hack to stop lavender dying in 'really cold' winter weather


    Many types of lavender are hardy, particularly English and French hybrid varieties which are the most cold-tolerant. While there is often no need to move outdoor lavender plants inside for winter, the fragrant shrubs can sometimes succumb to the harsh weather and die back to the ground. A TikTok user has shared the easiest way to move your garden lavender indoors in the cold season and the surprising benefits of doing it.

    Potted plants are easy to move indoors to overwinter, but it’s not as straightforward when it comes to digging up ground-grown lavender.

    However, according to TikTok user and gardening expert, Iris King, it is worth the effort to enjoy the striking blooms even in the cold weather.

    In a video posted on her account, TikTok user @life.with.iris.king explained: “My lavender always dies during our really cold winter, so I decided to try moving it in this year.”

    She demonstrated how to safely remove lavender shrubs from their growing position in the garden during late autumn.

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    Gently knock the pot to dislodge the plant and spread the roots to encourage further growth in the ground.

    Settle the roots into the soil and loosely pack more earth around the base of the plant.

    Water the lavender regularly as the weather warms up, ensuring that the soil is not waterlogged.

    According to the Royal Horticultural Society, once or twice a week will suffice in summer.


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