'It's simple!' Richard Madeley cuts off Therese Coffey in clash over benefit inflation


    Richard Madeley returned to Good Morning Britain on Tuesday and hit out at Therese Coffey for what he believed was some classic question-dodging tactics. Susanna Reid led the interview but fellow host Richard felt compelled to butt in when the Deputy Prime Minister was asked about her thoughts on whether benefits should match the rate of inflation.

    Coffey appeared on the ITV show to discuss the cabinet’s meeting after the government’s ‘mini-budget.’

    However, as the conversation moved to the impacts of inflation, she angered co-host Richard for her response.

    Reid asked: “Do you expect that benefits are uprated in line with inflation? Because, your cabinet colleague Penny Mourdant does and she thinks they should.”

    Coffey replied: “Well, I am a member of the government, we have a government view and that view has not yet been established.”

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