'Jeremy Corbyn would have done better' Rayner ridiculed after 'deluded' assessment

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Angela Rayner has been branded “delusional” by audiences on Twitter reacting to her assertion that Jeremy Corbyn would have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than Boris Johnson. Speaking to Stig Abell on Times Radio, the deputy Labour leader said that her former party leader would have “done a better” job in the circumstances had he been elected in 2019. She added that the Prime Minister had “failed to deliver” on plans to protect the UK from a pandemic.

Times Radio host Stig Abell posed the question of who would make a better Prime Minister during the pandemic to Ms Rayner.

He said: “Can you honestly say, Angela Rayner, to the British public now hand on heart that you believe Jeremy Corbyn would have done a better job than Boris Johnson in these circumstances?”

Ms Rayner replied “100 percent yes.

“I do believe that he would have done a better job.”

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She added: “We had a plan for a national care service and we would have supported our front line staff when they needed it the most to protect the people of this country.

“It’s very clear that the Prime Minister has not done that and he’s failed to take the advice that was given to him.

“That’s a damning indictment of Boris Johnson, and what he promised the people of this country.

“He failed to deliver.”

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Another user commented: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.

“Lots of Labour left have claimed ‘millions’ of suicides because of lockdown. Corbyn would have had us in one never-ending lockdown because he hates business.”

Boris Johnson has attracted criticism from the Labour party in the wake of Dominic Cummings’ testimony to MPs earlier this week.

Mr Cummings accused the Prime Minister of not taking coronavirus seriously enough in the early stages of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Keir Starmer has come under fire from his own party following Labour’s loss at the Hartlepool by-election earlier this month.

According to Politico’s poll of polls, the Conservatives currently lead Labour by 43 per cent to 32.

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