Joe Biden says 'no country come close' to US vaccine rollout – despite UK being ahead

President Biden made the claim during a press conference this afternoon in which he defended the US Government’s progress in vaccinating Americans against coronavirus. Mr Biden had originally set a target of 100 million jabs being administered by his first 100 days in office. 

The US has reached the target 42 days ahead of schedule. The US President today set a new ambitious target for the next phase of the US vaccine programme – vowing to get to 200 million jabs by his first 100 days in office.

Praising his Government’s work, Mr Biden told the White House press conference: “No other country has even come close to what we are doing.” 

However, the US actually trails behind Israel, Brazil, UK, Chile and Bahrain for the number of doses administered when compared to population size, according to figures from Our World in Data.

Figures from the Oxford-based researchers shows the US on 39.4 doses administered per 100 residents which is fewer than the UK rate which stood at 46.7 on March 24.

Israel currently has the highest rate of any country in the world, vaccinating at a rate of 108.9 doses per 100 resident.s

The new US target is achievable if the pace of vaccinations continues at its current rate.

Biden pledged as a presidential candidate to do a better job of fighting the coronavirus pandemic than his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, who helped spur fast development of vaccines but otherwise downplayed the health crisis and eschewed advice on mask-wearing, large gatherings and other actions to stop the spread of the virus.

Biden and his aides have continued to urge Americans to be cautious and follow the advice of health experts even as more and more people get vaccinate

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