Joe Biden tipped to run again in 2024 despite looming mid term electoral Armageddon


    Joe Biden is reportedly planning his re-election campaign with a “very small group” of senior advisers despite the fact that the Democrats may face an electoral drubbing in next weeks mid term elections. The former Vice President has developed a strategy group which includes his wife Jill and has been meeting regularly since September.

    Democrat Party insiders have insisted that no final decision has been made on if Mr Biden will stand for re-election, reports suggest.

    However the veteran Irish -American lawmaker appears to continue to believe that he has the best chance of defeating Mr Trump for a second time despite polling that suggests otherwise.

    A Wall Street Journal poll on Tuesday of the key demographic of white suburban women showed Mr Biden’s approval rating plummeting to 38 percent compared to 51 percent in August.

    In a 2024 rematch, 41 percent said they would vote for Mr Biden and 52 percent for Mr Trump, a complete reversal of the figures from three months ago.

    Polling by the 538 website forecasts a 27-seat majority for the Republicans in the House of Representatives and a dead heat in the Senate in the this month’s mid term elections.

    Democrat Party polling numbers have been badly affected by the unpopularity of Mr Biden the cost of living crisis, high inflation and rising mortgage rates.

    Mr Biden who will be 80 later this month has indicated privately and publicly that he intends to run again particularly Mr Trump, 76 decides to run for his own second term as expected.

    Speaking to AP earlier this week, Reince Priebus, Trump’s former White House chief of staff said it was very likely that the property mogul will launch another bid for The White House.

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    One strategist told The Washington Post: “We are going to have two or three months with essentially one hand tied behind our back, because even if we are running at full speed we still will not have a candidate.”

    Another strategist argued that Mr Biden’s team were not “hearing voters” and that while he was the best choice to defeat Mr Trump in 2020 this was no longer the case following his record in office.

    They said: “In 2020 Joe Biden was probably the only person who could beat Donald Trump.

    “In 2024 he might be the only person who can lose to him.”


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