‘Joy to watch’: Zara and Mike Tindall ‘strong’ and ‘mutual’ – ‘like besotted teens’


    Zara Tindall and Mike married on July 30, 2011 at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. The couple met during England’s Rugby World Cup-winning campaign in Australia back in 2003, and were said to have been introduced to one another in a bar in Sydney.

    What is their body language like?

    According to body language expert Judi James, the married couple’s body language is “always a joy to watch”.

    With regular public displays of affection and laughter, the expert claimed that they are the “most spontaneous of the royals by a mile”.

    She added: “Their signals of shared love, fun and even lust have ensured that their spontaneity has paid off so far, suggesting nothing but powerful, complementary bonding.

    “Mike’s body language has shown no signs of changing since his marriage and that is clearly what compliments Zara’s displays.”

    Although public displays of affection are rare fof members of the Royal Family, Zara and Mike will often embrace, hold hands or even kiss in public.

    The expert added: “The couple’s eye-connect is strong and mutual.

    “When they’re not gazing into one another’s eyes like besotted teens, they’re using eye-connect rituals to communicate and share the fun.”

    The most recent outing from Zara came earlier this month on a trip to Royal Ascot.

    It came just three months after giving birth to her son and she opted for a gorgeous floral dress with a pink boat hat. 

    The garment had long sleeves that billowed out slightly and tightened at the cuffs.

    Fans of Zara were quick to comment on social media how “gorgeous” she looked.

    One person wrote on Twitter: “Looking gorgeous as always! Love the hat.”

    Another person said: “Absolutely beautiful.”


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