'Just the start!': Kwarteng says more to come as Truss promises 'decade of dynamism'


    Conservative governments for the past decade have succeeded in getting record levels of people into work.

    That means more people able to support their families and contribute to our vital public services such as the NHS.

    Despite the damaging effects of the pandemic, the number of people on company payrolls is now at a record high.

    The unemployment rate is at a near-record low, with almost two million more women in work than in 2010 and one million more disabled people in employment compared to five years ago.

    That is a brilliant success story for our country. But times are tough. We face severe global economic headwinds caused by Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and the aftermath of the pandemic.

    We want to help people, including many Sunday Express readers, who have jobs and are working hard with these unprecedented costs.

    So tomorrow, we are making changes so thousands of workers on Universal Credit will get extra support to increase their wages.

    Thanks to our changes, working claimants on low incomes will benefit from extra support, one-to-one with a dedicated work coach, setting clear commitments to help increase their earnings, build their skills and put them on a better career path.

    The Chancellor and I want to help thousands boost their earnings and improve their prospects. Universal Credit rewards people for doing the right thing – that’s why you can be at least £6,000 better off in full-time work than out of work on benefits.

    This comes on top of the targeted job support the Government has made available, giving those on low incomes tailored help so they can seize new opportunities. We are helping people of all ages and at all stages progress in their careers.

    They will be able to get into work and get new skills. Their talents will be vital in growing our economy.

    Most importantly, people can boost their pay and take home more money.

    This Government wants to ensure prosperity for everyone. As the Prime Minister has said, now is the time to tackle the issues holding Britain back.

    We are focused on growing the economy so we can create new, better jobs, higher wages and support our public services.

    We will invest in British people, help British businesses recruit great people and get Britain working and growing.


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