Kate 'holds the keys' to end Prince William and Harry feud 'She knows both are hurting'


    Royal expert Paul Burrell claimed that if Prince Harry and Prince William do not repair their relationship because of their mother’s statue unveiling, they never will. While speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr Burrell reflected on the significance of Princess Diana’s statue unveiling today at Kensington Palace. He claimed Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge will act as the peacemaker and will be the key to the pair repairing their rift.

    The world saw Kate enable a conversation between the two brothers at Prince Philip’s funeral and there are hopes that she will be able to strike up a similar situation.

    Mr Burrell said: “24 years after her death we now have a tangible touchstone to Princess Diana’s memory founded by the boys.

    “If this poignant day doesn’t do it, then nothing will.

    “If they stand there in front of their mother’s image and just think and consider what she would have wanted and what she would have said to her boys then they will know the answer to that question.”

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    Mr Burrell also discussed the opportunities the brothers will have to reconcile and Kate’s integral role in it.

    He said: ” “I think they will go back into Kensington Palace after the ceremony which will be very small and very quick.

    “They will go back to Kensington Palace and meet up with Kate indoors.

    “I think that Kate holds the key to this, I think she is the peacekeeper.

    “She is the person who is going to pull these boys back together.

    “There is a lot to do because a lot of things have been said.”

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