Kate Middleton 'mimics Queen' during new phone call with NHS hero – language expert

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The tweet went on: “She was unable to fly home during the pandemic and declined to take any time off, saying: ‘I have to feed my patients’.”

The post prompted an outpouring of praise from fans many sharing their admiration for Gimba.

One wrote: “Gimba you are an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing your story.”

Another put: “Gimba – your generous, kind, warm-hearted soul shines out from your picture!

“I just love that you were chosen to be part of this project.”

While a third chimed in: “Oh Gimba. Everyone loves your photo.

“Echoing the Duchess’s thanks for all you do.

“She’s right, you bring ‘a glimmer of hope.’ Hope your Mum continues to recover and you see her soon.”

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