Kate silences 'boring' criticism as 'underestimated' Duchess flourishes in royal life


    Royal commentator Katie Nicholl reflected on Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s, time in the Royal Family. While speaking on Australia’s 60 minutes with host Tom Steinfort, the royal expert said Kate had faced criticism for being “boring” in her early years as part of the Firm. Ms Nicholl argued the Duchess was simply biding her time and learning what her role would be in the monarchy.

    She added, the criticism of being boring resulted in people underestimating the Duchess’ ability to bring a modern and fresh perspective to the Royal Family.

    Ms Nicholl said: “For someone that wasn’t born royal, she does royal incredibly well.

    “She is flawless, she doesn’t put a foot wrong.”

    Mr Steinfort replied: “A lot of the commentary around Kate is that she is dignified and proper.

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    “Isn’t there a fine line between being that Conservative and almost being boring?”

    The royal expert admitted that the perception around Kate has evolved as the years have gone on.

    She said: “I do think that there was a feeling in those years.

    “Some people did feel she might be a bit boring, I think to a degree yes.

    “Kate has played it safe and that has earned her criticism.

    “Hilary Mantel once described her as a mannequin, that she didn’t have her own opinion that she was this bit part of the sidelines.

    “I think that was to underestimate Kate greatly.”

    The royal expert explained how she believes Kate’s role in the Royal Family will continue to evolve.


    She said: “Actually, I think Kate has simply bided her time.

    “Now, with ten years of royal service under her belt, we are hearing from her more and seeing more of her.

    “The Royal Family realise they have a really important key player here and they are bringing her centre stage, so we have seen a shift.”

    Ms Nicholl also added after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, Kate can expect to have a bigger role in the monarchy. 


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