Kate speaks out on heartbreaking lockdown admission in emotional video ‘Must be so hard'

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Kensington Palace has published a new video on Kate and Prince William’s YouTube channel. The video includes the latest of a series of conversations between the Duchess of Cambridge and finalists of her photography contest, Hold Still. 

In the newly-released clip, Kate spoke to Gimba, a ward host at Whipps Cross Hospital.

Her portrait, submitted by her friend Hassan Akkad, shows the ward host smiling as she enjoys her meal during a break from work.

As Kate heard from the ward host, the portrait is particularly poignant as it was taken on the same day Gimba had received the worring news her mother, who lives in Nigeria, was sick and in hospital.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the travel ban in place, Gimba could not reach her mother in her homeland. 

Despite the heartache, she refused to take a day off and continued to prepare meals for the 18 patients in her ward.

Acknowledging Gimba’s sacrifice, Kate told Gimba: “Obviously, every day on the ward probably was busy for all of you, but it was a particularly hard day for you that day, wasn’t it?”

Gimba replied: “Yeah, that day because I had a phone call from Africa, because I’m from Nigeria, and my mother was not very well and was very sick.”

Kate asked: “How is she doing now?” 

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To which Gimba said: “She is feeling better now. She is at home.”

Speaking about the distance between mother and daughter and the separation imposed by the pandemic, Kate said: “It must be so hard not being able to speak to her, not being able to be there with her.

“Particularly when everything around you as well is not normal and you really sort of think out and sort of want to reach out to your loved ones.” 

Kate, who throughout the pandemic has been in touch with NHS staff to hear how they have been coping with the stress, long hours and suffering they were surrounded by, went on asking how Gimba has been navigating through the COVID-19 crisis. 


She said: “Was it very hard seeing everybody suffering so much?”

Gimba replied: “It was hard, but it’s a job I love to do because the patients need us.”

Kate replied: “I bet you made their day feel that little bit brighter, Gimba.”

Gimba has been working as a ward host at Whipps Cross Hospital for two decades. 


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