Keir Starmer demands general election 'now' as he savages 'delusional and insulting' Truss


    Sir Keir Starmer has demanded a General Election now, hitting out at “delusional” and “insulting” Prime Minister Liz Truss. Speaking at the Tade Unions Congress Conference, the Labour leader said: “They can dance around and u-turn, they can sack this Chancellor or the Prime Minister, but the damage is done and they did it. They crashed the British economy, and for what? To show they were on the side of the richest one percent.

    “Britain cannot afford the chaos fo the conservatives any more. We need a general election now.”

    Criticising Ms Truss’ Government, he added: “It’s delusional, its insulting”.

    Sir Keir continued: “She doesn’t care about the distribution of wealth in Britain, she hasn’t U-turned on that.

    “Working people will not be better off if we make the rich richer.”

    Sir Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 committee, is holding a crunch meeting with officers on the committee to discuss Ms Truss’s future.

    One Cabinet minister supportive of the Prime Minister told The Times: “It’s terminal, the rancour in the parliamentary party is too much. She can’t recover from this.”

    Meanwhile, Tory MP Simon Hoare told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that Ms Truss has just “12 hours” to save her job.

    He added: “I think today and tomorrow are crunch days. I have never known – OK, I’ve only been an MP for seven years – but a growing sense of pessimism in all wings of the Tory party.

    “Usually it’s one or the other, but to have it across the party should be ringing alarm bells in both Number 10 and Number 11.”

    Sir Keir’s latest intervention is the second time he has called for her immediate resignation in two days.

    Yesterday at PMQs, he called for her to quit, asking: “Why is she still here?”

    Ms Truss hit back, telling MPs: “I am a fighter, not a quitter.”


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