Keir Starmer warned not to look like ‘a Blairite tribute band’ amid Labour crisis


    Writing in the New Statesman, Mr Blair called for a “total deconstruction and reconstruction” of Labour to win back power.

    While praising Sir Keir as “intelligent, capable [and] moderate-minded”, the former Prime Minister said Labour was “struggling to break through with the public, and last week’s elections are a major setback”.

    He added: “Corbyn was radical but not sensible. [Sir] Keir seems sensible but not radical.

    “He lacks a compelling economic message. And the cultural message, because he is not clarifying it, is being defined by the ‘woke’ left, whose every statement gets cut-through courtesy of the right.”

    Mr Mandelson also wrote in the Guardian Labour should cut links with left-wing factions, including trade union figures, saying: “A different party culture and rulebook needs to protect [Labour politicians] from party factionalism so that they can face the country and not just the membership.”


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