Kim Yo Jong massacre: North Korea panic as despot's 'Devil Woman' sister orders killings


    Reports of a massacre carried out by Pyongyang’s “Devil Woman” have trickled out of the isolated regime in recent days. Sources within North Korea have said that Kim Jong-un’s sister has given orders for a purge of government agencies. Two North Korean officials said: “News that they shot to death a high-ranking official in Pyongyang is spreading among officials in Hyesan right now.

    “We don’t know who the executed official was.

    “However, I heard from an official close to me that he was executed on the orders of Kim Yo Jong.”

    The source also told Radio Free Asia (RFA): “In November last year, a gold smuggling incident was reported to the Central Party.

    “A total of 10 state security officials and soldiers of the border security command were executed by firing squad in December.

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    “She is collecting data that shows they are challenging the party’s authority.

    “She has then reported this to her superior, her brother Kim Jong-un.

    “There have been a series of executions of officials for being ‘anti-party revolutionists’.

    “Resentment against Kim Yo Jong is deepening further.”

    The source added that the Central Party was observing all officials of Ryanggang province on Kim Yo Jong’s orders for anyone that they consider being ‘anti-party revolutionists’.

    The source added that the Central Party is alert to catch any “reactionaries for handing over confidential data and lecture materials to South Korea’s National Intelligence Service”.

    The source added: “Many people are sent to political prison camps on charges of being involved in this.”

    Kim Yo Jong has been known as “Devil Woman” after the massacre of Sinuiju customs officials by firing squad in North Pyongan province in 2019.

    A second source said: “When word got out that Kim Yo Jong was behind these executions, the officials started calling her ‘devil woman’.”

    Due to her brother’s reported ill health Kim Yo Jong has taken on more responsibilities in managing the affairs of the regime.

    Some North Korean analysts have even suggested she could replace him in the event of his death.


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