King Charles’ body language has altered towards Camilla – ‘rare’ moment of PDA spotted


    King Charles III and Queen Consort are still in mourning for the loss of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Over the past couple of weeks, the royal couple made numerous public appearances in the run-up to his mother’s funeral, and body language expert Judi James noticed a change in the new monarch’s behaviour – both when in public and toward his wife. 

    Judi said how Charles’ body language has “changed overnight” from being “vulnerable, emotional and tearful… to a confident, assured and much more powerful looking King”. 

    She also commented on the change in his voice and how it is “strong and deep” whilst his torso is “more upright and splayed” compared to when he was the Prince of Wales. 

    Perhaps one reason for the increased confidence is that King Charles knows he has “support and back up” from his son, Prince William, and wife, who “stand dutifully behind him”. 

    But the new King is not only showing a change toward the public, but also Camilla. 

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    Camilla’s role has very clearly been defined, with the Queen stating that it was her “sincere wish” that she should be known as Queen Consort upon Charles’ accession.

    But she said the pair formed a “partnership” and Camilla is far from “a subservient wife”.

    As for Charles, royal photographer Arthur Edwards spoke about his transition to King. 

    Having photographed several members of the Royal Family throughout his career, Arthur spoke about the man Charles is becoming. 

    He said: “He [King Charles] always said, ‘History will judge me.’ And now, people are seeing him for the man he is. 

    “The man I’ve been working with… He’s a fantastic person. He knows everybody in the world, every Prime Minister, every Head of State. He’s so well connected. He’s travelled the world. We were in Rwanda in June with all the heads of government there and they all pay great homage to him.

    “The reason I still work is because I work with this man and The Queen, the new Queen Camilla. They are just fabulous people. I really enjoy it,” he told Piers Morgan last week on Talk TV. 


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