Labour MPs plot to humiliate Keir Starmer at annual party conference as they join strike


    Radical left-wing MPs are launching a desperate attempt to torpedo Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour conference by joining striking workers. Critics of the leader inside the Parliamentary Labour Party will join striking Liverpool dock workers tomorrow morning.

    They are set to join a picket line just minutes away from the party’s annual conference.

    Sir Keir sparked outrage among many of his backbenchers earlier this year when he ordered his frontbencher team to avoid being pictures with workers on strike.

    Corbynite MP Zarah Sultana confirmed she and other Labour parliamentarians would join industrial action over pay tomorrow in a show of solidarity amid the internal party row.

    She told a rally last night: “I have full solidarity with the Liverpool dock workers.

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    “People are struggling to pay their bills, the negotiations have not succeeded and they’ve taken a decision as a last resort to go on strike.

    “And I support the right of individuals to go on strike, I support the trade unions doing the job they’re doing in representing their members.

    “I want to see the strikes resolved, as do everybody who is on strike.”

    However, the Holborn and St Pancras MP did not drop his opposition to members of his top team joining picket lines and said the focus must instead be on wining the next election.

    Liverpool dock workers are on two weeks of strike action after rejecting a pay rise offer of 8.3 percent as well as a one-off payment of £750 for each member of staff.

    They are manning a picket line 24 hours a day until October 3.

    As well as MPs planning to join the dockers’ strike in a sign of defiance against Sir Keir, the Royal College of Nurses this afternoon launched a demonstration outside the Liverpool conference centre.

    Nurses are balloting for strike action over pay and the Royal College of Nurses has publicly criticised the Labour leader for not supporting their cause.

    Sir Keir Starmer said this morning that it was “reasonable” for people to expect wages that take account of the rising cost of living.


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