'Lecturing us from his ivory tower' Prince Charles unable to replace Queen GMB guest rages


    Dominque Samuels appeared alongside former Sun royal editor Duncan Larcombe on Good Morning Britain as the pair debated the future of the Royal Family after the Queen’s health is called into question.  Ms Samuels said Prince Charles could never replace the Queen and claimed the public did not like him as much. But after being challenged for her statement, the political commentator erupted and said the Prince of Wales’ climate change lecturing was pushing people away from him as they did not appreciate his position of privilege.

    The Queen was unable to attend Remembrance Sunday services following health concerns over the weekend.

    Buckingham Palace said the Queen was dealing with a “back sprain” and was forced to pull out of events at the last minute.

    It follows the Queen’s absence from a Northern Ireland engagement and Cop26 where she gave a virtual message instead.

    Debates continue to bubble over the future of the Royal Family with Ms Samuels concerned Prince Charles does not have what it takes to lead.

    Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ms Samuels said: “With regards to Prince Charles. I mean, he’s never been really quite popular has he?

    “You know, it’s William, it’s the queen, those are the people that the country loves.

    “And, you know, in my personal opinion, and from a lot of the comments I’ve seen just generally, people don’t really like Prince Charles.

    “They feel as though if he stepped in, he would effectively destroy the monarchy, he’s talking about politics, he’s making big statements on climate change.

    “I don’t think that he is in tune with the British public as the Queen.”

    Ms Samuels was then challenged by the panel who pointed out climate change issues could not be deemed too political as the Royal Family have long commented on environmental issues.

    But the political commentator doubled down and said: “So Cop26 when he said we need to go on a military-like footing, you know, to battle climate change whilst he flies around on his private jets lecturing the rest of us from his ivory tower.

    “A lot of people didn’t like that.

    “I think with royalty, they need to know that there’s a line and you nitpicking at what the average person does from your palace doesn’t go down well.”



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