Let baseball lead the way in America's comeback kid story

8 a.m. on a gray February morning, in my 7th grade classroom, I was getting out books for the school day and my classmates were filing in.

Then, my friend walked in the room and we immediately burst out shouting. 

“Do you know what day it is?!”

“Pitchers and catchers report today! Baseball is back!”

This was followed by hooping and hollering, fist pumping, high fiving, and the deep seated joy that only baseball can create. The best time of year had arrived again.

The romance of baseball

I am a native of Cincinnati: the city where major league baseball was born on May 4, 1869. My love for baseball is inherent and I could gush about the beauty and goodness of the game, the history of baseball, and why it is the greatest sport. Like they said in the movie “Moneyball,” “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”

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