‘Let someone answer‘: BBC viewers slam Laura Kuenssberg for talking over Nicola Sturgeon


    On the latest instalment of Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC host welcomed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon onto the show. The presenter wanted to get her thoughts on the proposed Scottish referendum along with the energy crisis. However, viewers slammed Laura for constantly interrupting Nicola.

    During Kuenssberg’s conversation with Sturgeon, the BBC host wanted to see if the First Minister was confident that Scotland would have another referendum in a year and 10 days’ time.

    Stating that she was confident of her proposal, Sturgeon replied: “The Supreme Court next week will consider the question of does the Scottish Parliament have the competence to legislate for the referendum.

    “There’s little point speculating on the outcome of that court hearing.”

    Although Kuenssberg allowed Sturgeon to answer fully at first, the longer the interview went on, the more the host started to interrupt.

    “The Laura Kuenssberg Show. Asks the questions. Answers the questions. Says time is short. No need for any guests then. Period,” commented Arti Maini

    Nipper Dodds asked: “Why does Laura Kuenssberg bother asking questions if she doesn’t bother listening to the answers?”

    Gee Alexander swiped: “An interview show where the interviewer doesn’t let the interviewee answer the questions they’re asking.”

    With Twitter using KC saying: “Struggling with  #LauraKuenssberg talking over people all the time. How can anyone process what’s being said?”

    Elsewhere in the interview, Sturgeon gave her thoughts on what she thinks of our new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

    Asked if she’s a friend or a foe, Sturgeon replied: “We’re political opponents, I’ve always tried to work with her predecessors and I’ll try to work with her.

    “I’d like to be a friend on the basis of the areas where we can work together constructively.”

    Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg continues next Sunday on BBC One at 9am


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