Let's boycott France! Britons plan snub after UK expat blow – 'Don't give them your money'

French authorities have rejected efforts by some British migrants to exchange their driving licences as a post-Brexit agreement has yet to be approved. On a Facebook group for British national in France, Kim Cranstoun warned this could affect 3,000 expats including commuters and many elderly.

She said: “Some are thinking of moving back to the UK, it’s quite desperate.”

Those caught driving in France without a valid licence face a fine of up to £12,808 whilst the theory test for French licence must be done in the country’s language.

However, Express.co.uk readers reacted with anger at the news with some accusing France of seeking to punish the UK for Brexit.

One posted: “Another chunk of ridiculous EU bureaucracy and childishness.

“Let’s start a campaign to get everyone to go on holiday ANYWHERE else than the EU.

“Don’t give that shower your money. There’s no need.”

Another added: “It only shows how desperate the EU are to stop us being successful.

“Their economy needs all the help it can and to lose people who are contributing to that economy is worsening things for them.

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During this time the UK still had to pay into the EU budget and implement many laws made in Brussels.

This has now been replaced by Boris Johnson’s new trade deal which restored Britain as an independent trading nation.

Whilst many Express.co.uk readers accused France of being unreasonable others suggested the driving licence problem was a foreseeable consequence of Brexit.

One noted: “Who would have though the Brexit slogan ‘we will take back our borders’ would case so much trouble?”

Another commented: “Cake and eat it comes to mind.”

Under French law foreign residents of France must renew their driving licences every 10 years and when they turn 70.

British tourists in France will still be able to use their UK licences.

Ms Cranstoun wrote: “I’d say there are 3,000 who are seriously worried – for whom this has really become nightmarish.

“Commuters risk losing their jobs, tradespeople can’t work, elderly people have missed medical appointments.

“Many British people in France live in quite remote, rural areas, with little or no public transport.”

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