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Lord Frost outlines three key Brexit changes as he unveils plans to tear up EU laws


Speaking in Parliament the minister outlined his plans to scrap the special status provided to laws handed down from Brussels, look at creating a “tailored mechanism” to amend laws first introduced by the EU, and also create a new commission to review which laws should be retained.

His announcement came after months of work in Government looking at how to best make use of taking back control of powers from the EU.

Lord Frost said it was time to “normalise” EU laws to place them on equal footing with legislation passed in the Commons to once again make Parliament sovereign.

He warned there was a “mammoth task” ahead to break free from Brussels “given the extent of EU influence over our political system over nearly 50 years”.

Speaking to peers, Lord Frost said: “First of all, we’re going to conduct a review of so-called ‘retained EU law’, and by this I mean the very many pieces of legislation which we took onto our own statute book through the European Union Withdrawal Act of 2018.

“We must now revisit this huge but, for us, anomalous category of law.

“In doing so, we have two purposes in mind: first to remove the special status of retained EU law so it is no longer a distinct category of UK domestic law but normalised within our law with a clear legislative status.

“Unless we do this, we risk giving undue precedence to laws derived from EU legislation over laws made properly by this Parliament.”

More to follow…

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