Martine Croxall returns to host BBC News just days after breaching impartiality rules


    Martine Croxall was back on BBC News after she was suspended over her comments she was “gleeful” Boris Johnson had pulled out of the Conservative Party leadership race. She was suspended as the BBC investigated her comments.


    On November 3, the BBC concluded the newsreader had breached its rules on impartiality.

    The BBC said Croxall’s “remarks and reactions… caused a significant risk the audience could believe opinions were being expressed on the Conservative leadership contest”.

    In a statement they said: “Taken together, this meant that this edition of The Papers did not meet our editorial standards, as it gave the audience the opportunity to infer an editorial position on the part of the BBC.

    “This does not accord with the BBC’s commitment to editorial impartiality.”

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    “Because all the front pages were probably out of date by the time we received them.”

    Following Croxall’s comments and suspension, Tony Parsons wrote in his The Sun column the BBC’s “anti-Boris bias” was deeply ingrained.

    He penned: “The political orthodoxy at the BBC is now so deeply ingrained, so buried within the corporation’s DNA, that it never crossed Croxall’s mind that millions might object.

    “You know, the 14million or so who actually voted for Boris Johnson.”


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