Martine Croxall’s ‘gleeful’ Boris comment failed BBC impartiality standards – report


    A BBC presenter failed the broadcaster’s standards on impartiality when she remarked how “gleeful” she was to see Boris Johnson pull out of the most recent Tory leadership race, it has been revealed. 

    The broadcaster stated that Martine Croxall’s comments “caused significant risk that the audience could believe opinions were being expressed on the Conservative leadership contest”. 

    It added that there was “insufficient counter and challenge” to opinions expressed by other guests on the programme.

    During her introduction to the programme, in which members of the press and experts look at how the main stories of the day were covered, Ms Croxall said: “Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it?”

    She then added: “Am I allowed to be this gleeful? Well I am.”

    The programme started at 10.30pm on October 23, around 90 minutes after Boris Johnson pulled out of the Tory leadership race.



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