Massachusetts woman accused of releasing swarm of bees on sheriff's deputies


    A Massachusetts woman has been accused of releasing a swarm of bees on sheriff’s deputies as they tried to serve her with an eviction notice. Rorie Woods, 55, is now facing multiple assault and battery charges following the incident at Memery Lane, Longmeadow.

    Ms Woods pleaded not guilty at her arraignment on October 12 at Springfield District Council.

    Court records cited in local reports revealed that Woods was released without bail.

    According to an official department report, Hampden County Sheriff’s Department deputies went to a home in Longmeadow on October 12 and were met by protesters.

    Woods, from nearby Hadley, arrived in an SUV which towed a trailer carrying beehives.

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    The 55-year-old started “shaking” the hives and broke the cover off one, causing hundreds of the stinging insects to fly out.

    A deputy was initially stung by a bee during the incident, the report has claimed.

    Several other sheriff’s department employees were stung, including three who are allergic to bees.

    Ms Woods was said to have responded with glee when she was informed that several officers were allergic.

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    “I support people’s right to protest peacefully, but when you cross the line and put my staff and the public in danger, I promise you will be arrested.”

    Hampden County Sheriff’s Office also revealed that its Civil Process Division typically serves hundreds of eviction notices each year.

    Robert Hoffman, chief deputy of the Civil Process Division, said in a statement: “Never in all my years of leading the Hampden County Sheriff’s Civil Process Division have I seen something like this.

    “I’m just thankful no one died because bee allergies are serious.

    “I hope that these out-of-county protesters will reconsider using such extreme measures in the future because they will be charged and prosecuted.”


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