Meghan and Harry urged to PULL OUT of 'woke' Spotify deal: 'People won't pay attention'

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Following their debut with the streaming giant, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam told the podcast had been “woke in language”. He also insisted the podcast had no impact and was not aimed at the British market. Following his comments, asked in an exclusive poll: “Should Meghan and Harry pull out of ‘woke’ Spotify deal after warning?”

In response, 2,718 out of 3,032 claimed the pair should pull out of the podcast series with Spotify.

Just 217 claimed they shouldn’t while 97 were not sure in the exclusive poll.

Commenting on the poll, one person said: “They should but they won’t because they don’t give a damn about what is right or wrong.”

A second said: “It’s Spotify that that needs to pull out.”

A third said: “People won’t pay attention as they won’t practice what they preach.”

However, some readers claimed they will not be listening to the podcast despite the pull of Harry and Meghan.

One reader said: “I won’t be listening to any of it so they can do whatever they like – I don’t think it will last long before people start tuning out in droves.”

A second said: “We could not care less in the UK!”

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He said: “I think what they will be doing for Spotify will be in-depth interviews.

“The first episode wasn’t sophisticated and I didn’t think anything of it.

“It’s all very well talking about love conquering all, or words to that effect.

“It was in woke language and it was not aimed at the British market.”

In the episode, Meghan and Harry revealed they intend to bring together people from across the world who inspire them.

Meghan said: “We thought what if we could bring together some people that inspire us, people that we admire and get their thoughts on what they learned from 2020.

“So we asked a few friends and a lot of other folks people from all walks of life.”

This poll began at June 5, 12.24pm and closed at 9.45am on June 6.

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