Meghan hints at return to acting as Duchess ready to 'lend her expertise' to royal project


    Meghan Markle said in her latest interview with Variety magazine that any actors playing her in the future can “call her”. The former Suits star said she hopes an actor playing her would “find the dimensions” of her character. Royal expert Russel Myers has since said Meghan will “have something to say” about an actor playing her in The Crown.

    Speaking to Today, Mr Myers said: “She also says that she would be willing to lend her expertise to one specific actor.

    “That would be the person who would potentially play her in a movie.

    “There’s been a couple of laughable additions over the last couple of years but she obviously thinks that this is something that got to happen.

    “You never know, we might see her pop up in series six, seven or eight of The Crown. I’m sure she’ll have something to say.”

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    It comes as Meghan hit out at suggestions that when she became engaged to Harry that she was lucky to be chosen by him on the latest episode of Archetypes.

    She said Prince Harry had “countered the narrative” by saying: “They’ve got it all wrong. I’m the lucky one because you chose me.”

    But the Duchess of Sussex has been slammed by Canadian journalists for not realising it was because it was a prince.

    ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman said: “I’m just going to dive right in.

    “I get where she was coming from but in this situation, it was very special.

    “You were literally living out people’s fairytales and whether you agree with it or not that’s what they meant.

    “Not you’re so lucky but oh my gosh, you’re going to live in a castle.”


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