Meghan Markle and Harry to show pictures of Lilibet for WEEKS 'Haven't even seen Archie!'

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Royal commentator Charles Rae discussed the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. While speaking on TalkRadio with Kevin O’Sullivan, the pair reflected on how likely it was the public would see the newborn. Mr O’Sullivan argued the public has seen very little of Archie and it was likely to be the same with Lili.

Mr Rae agreed and said he would be very surprised if the royal couple revealed any pictures.

Mr Rae said: “The only criticism I have got of the name Lilibet Diana is here you have got a couple who want to remain private.

“And yet they choose the names of two of the most famous women in the world to name their child.

“I notice that we haven’t seen a photograph of Lilibet Diana even though she was born on the 4th.

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Mr O’Sullivan added the public has not even seen much of Archie.

Mr Rae replied: “Well, we have seen Archie’s foot and we have seen the back of his head.

“I think we did catch an early glimpse of a forehead at some stage but not much else.”

Mr O’Sullivan added: “I suppose the chances are that we won’t get to see Lilibet much either.”

Mr Rae answered: “I would be surprised if we see Lilibet in the next few weeks.

“We haven’t actually seen Archie yet so the chances of actually seeing Lilibet is not very good odds really.”

Meghan and Harry’s choice of name for their daughter has sparked a division of opinion among some royal commentators and fans. 

Some fans and expert have insisted it is a heartwarming gesture towards the Queen – who has affectionately been called Lilibet by close family and friends – and Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.


Meghan and Harry’s daughter will be known as Lili, according to the couple’s statement.

Commentator Louise Roberts spoke to Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny on the name of their child.

She said: “I think that given the worst part of the media onslaught from Meghan and Harry has been their attacks on Charles and by association the Queen for their abysmal parenting skills.

“It does make you wonder why they have named their daughter after the matriarch of that same family.

“It is fabulous news that they were delivered a healthy baby girl but I do question their motives in choosing that name.”

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