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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry desperate to 'control' their story – 'will cut people off'



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from royal duties in 2020 in order to pursue a “financially independent” life away from the monarchy. Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 40, stepped down from their role in the Royal Family and have since set up home in California.

Prince Harry has returned to the UK on two occasions – for the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip who died aged 99 in April, and also for the unveiling of a commemorative statue for his late mother Princess Diana, in July.

However the couple, along with their two children – two-year-old Archie, and Lilibet who was born in June – have not returned to the UK as a family of four.

There has been speculation that the Sussexes family may return to the UK for a christening ceremony for Lilibet, however, a source told The Telegraph that this is “not happening”.

Tom Bower, who is currently working on a biography of Meghan told Closer magazine the former royal will regret moving her husband and two children away from the royal family for their new life in Montecito, California.

He also claims that the “stubborn” mother-of-two will regret cutting ties with her father Thomas Markle.

Mr Bower claims that both of these factors see the couple being “isolated” and that they are “alienating” their children who risk growing up without other relatives around them.

He said: “I believe Meghan is a very stubborn person, but I think eventually even she’ll realise that this isolated world she and Harry and built for themselves was a poisonous choice.

“They seem so desperate to control the narrative that they can’t risk anyone else influencing it – but this will simply cause more damage to them in the future, when their children grow up with no family around them.”

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Since her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan and her father have not spoken.

During the show, the 77-year-old claimed: “Once she hooked up with Harry, she changed. She’s pretty much disowned both sides of her family and I don’t understand the reason for it.”

Since Harry and Meghan’s 2018 marriage, her father has conducted a number of interviews where he has both criticised his daughter and pleaded for her forgiveness.

Mr Bower has claimed though that Meghan is an “unforgiving person”.

He told Closer: “She and her father had a very different relationship – growing up, they were really very close. She was really family-orientated when she was younger, but she seems to have completely erased memories of that and disowned him.

“Similarly, she cut off her ex-husband when her career started taking off. She seems to me to be a very ambitious, unforgiving person.”

The author, who is working on a biography of Meghan which is due to be published next year, claims that the Duchess should expect her estranged father and step-brother Thomas Markle Jr to share more embarrassing stories about her.

He claims that she can only stop this from happening by communicating with them.

Mr Markle has not met either of his grandchildren and was unable to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018 after he had a heart attack and needed surgery.


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