Meghan Markle pays tribute to baby Lilibet with special easter egg in first book

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Meghan Markle’s new children’s book The Bench has “lots of little clues and easter eggs” about the Sussex couple’s family life and their new arrival, Lilibet Diana. The illustrator Christian Robinson told the Today show that Meghan had wanted to include small references to her home life. The Bench has been inspired by Prince Harry and their son Archie Harrison. 

Today show host Natalie Morales spoke to Christian Robinson about his involvement in the project. 

She said: “There are lots of little clues and easter eggs throughout the book and the illustrations. You can see Meghan there in the garden, but if you look even closer, you see that baby’s head popping out of a sling on her shoulder.” 

“So perhaps that’s a nod to wanting her whole family to be included in the book, including her rescue chickens who are in that picture.” 

Meghan Markle’s book was released for sale on Tuesday. 

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The book has been inspired by her husband Prince Harry’s relationship with their son, two-year-old Archie Harrison. 

Originally conceived as a poem for the Duke of Sussex for his first Father’s Day in 2019, the Duchess decided to release the poem as a children’s book, complete with watercolour illustrations. 

Images show a ginger-haired man playing with his infant son and the book has been dedicated to “the man and the boy who make my heart go pump-pump”. 

The illustrations depict a father and son riding their bikes, gaze at stars and enjoy picnics. One image shows the two dressed in tutus, with the father urged to be his son’s “supporter”. 

The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, on Friday at 11:40am at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. 

Her name is a tribute to both the Queen and Princess Diana. Lilibet was the affectionate childhood nickname of the Queen that was used by her father King George VI. 

Lilibet Diana is the Queen’s eleventh great-grandchild and is currently eighth-in-line to the throne, behind her older brother Archie. 

The Duke and Duchess released a statement on Sunday to thank the public for their kind wishes and said that their daughter was “more than they could ever have imagined”. 

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