Meghan Markle wears pearl earrings given to her by Queen in sweet tribute


    Meghan was seen donning a pair of pearl earrings which were a gift from Queen Elizabeth.

    This is a sweet tribute to Her Majesty who loved pearls and was rarely seen without her three-string pearl necklace.

    The Duchess of Sussex wore the same earrings during a royal visit to Chester with Her Majesty back in 2018.

    Buckingham Palace confirmed at the time that Queen Elizabeth II had gifted Meghan with a pair of diamond and pearl button earrings ahead of their joint royal visit.

    The earrings are very similar to the monarch’s favourite pair, which she also used to wear for public engagements.

    The Duchess of Sussex spoke about the beautiful jewellery she was gifted during her first official engagement with Her Majesty.

    Meghan explained during an interview with Oprah that the Queen gave her “some beautiful pearl earrings and a matching necklace” for the pair’s first joint engagement together and added that she was “warm and inviting”.

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    Queen Elizabeth’s coffin will Lie-in-State at Westminster until Monday, September 19, the day of her funeral.

    The funeral will be held in Westminster Abbey and it is expected to be one of the biggest gatherings hosted in the country.

    Over 500 politicians, presidents and members of European Royal Families are expected to attend.

    It is believed King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain have accepted the invitation, as well as members of royal households from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Monaco.


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