Meghan Markle's made 'dig' at royals with 'three words', commentator claims



    The Duchess of Sussex referred to “my husband’s family” at an event on Tuesday. But royal commentator Daniela Elser hit out at Meghan for bringing up the monarchy as she and Prince Harry pursue new lives in the US.

    Ms Elser claimed the Sussexes “seem to feel that they have to drag the royal house into things to get their point across”.

    During the New York Times DealBook online summit, Meghan insisted her calls for paid family leave in the US were not at odds with the tradition that members of the Royal Family do not get involved in politics.

    She said: “I don’t see this as a political issue frankly. Look, there is certainly a precedent amongst my husband’s family and the Royal Family of not having any involvement in politics, but I think this is… I mean, paid leave, from my standpoint, is just a humanitarian issue.”

    Ms Elser questioned why the Sussexes “never seemingly miss an opportunity to take a potshot at the palace”.

    Writing for, Ms Elser said: “The sticking point here is not her views on supporting new mums and dads, because on that she’s spot on. Insert all the applause she very rightly deserves here.

    “Oh no. The issue is the use of those three small words: ‘my husband’s family’. Why for the love of all of Meghan’s Lorraine Schwartz diamonds did she go there?

    “Meghan is a highly intelligent woman with a degree from one of the US’ top ten universities and an entire army of aides to prepare her for any sort of oratorical combat.

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    She said: “What I also don’t understand here is why, when Harry and Meghan should be focusing on building their new brand and company and charity, they still seem so fixated on defining themselves in opposition to an organisation that should be firmly in their rearview mirror?

    “The Sussexes have the focus, zeal and perfect blow dries (well, she does) to make it as players on the US stage if they are not there already.

    “It’s time for them to move on and to leave the Windsors in the past.”

    Meghan has recently called and written letters to US politicians calling for paid family leave.

    However, the Times cited a palace aide as saying the Duchess is “using her title out of context”, while another courtier told the newspaper the intervention was “outrageous”.

    Harry and Meghan are living in California after quitting royal duties last year.


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