MEPs from 15 countries sign declaration of resistance against EU superstate – Bloc alert


    MEPs from 16 parties and 15 EU states joined forces today to declare “resistance” against a European superstate stripping nations of their sovereignty bit by bit.

    The so-called “declaration of values” was signed by all parties in the Identity and Democracy (ID), European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) groups and the unaffiliated Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party.

    In the text, signed on Friday, the MEPs denounced the “overactivity” of the European institutions in what should remain member states’ competences.

    In a stern warning to Brussels, they unanimously pledged to form a new resistance against the creation of the United States of Europe in favour of more respect for sovereign nations.

    They wrote: “The use of political structures and law to create a European superstate and new forms of social structure is a manifestation of the dangerous and invasive social engineering of the past, which must prompt legitimate resistance.

    “The moralistic overactivity that we have seen in recent years in the EU institutions has resulted in a dangerous tendency to impose an ideological monopoly.”

    They added: “All attempts to transform European institutions into bodies that take precedence over national constitutional institutions create chaos, undermine the sense of the treaties, question the fundamental role of Member States’ constitutions, and the resulting disputes over competences are in effect settled by the brutal imposition of the will of politically stronger entities on weaker ones.

    “This destroys the basis for the functioning of the European community as a community of free nations.

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    “We believe that consensus should remain the basic means of reaching a common position in the Union. Recent attempts to circumvent this procedure or ideas of its abolition threaten to exclude some countries from influence on decision-making and to transform the Union into a special form of oligarchy.

    “This could lead to the de facto incapacitation of national constitutional bodies, including governments and parliaments, reduced to the function of approving decisions already taken by others.

    “In the member countries there is still an overwhelming will to cooperate, and a spirit of community and friendship pervades nations and societies of our continent.

    “It is our great capital. A reformed Union will make use of this capital, whereas a Union that rejects reform will squander it.

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    “That is why today we turn to all parties and groups who share our views with this document as a base for a cultural and political common work, respecting the role of the current political groups.

    “Let us together reform the Union for the future of Europe!”

    Parties from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finlandia, Poland, the Netherlands, Greece and Romania, Lithuania and Hungary signed the document.

    The document will come as a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron who has longed hoped for more cooperation in the EU. 

    Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group think tank, has warned the departure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel will accelerate moves from the French President to take her place as the EU’s leading figurehead.

    He argued Mr Macron may jump on this opportunity to create an “EU superstate in his image, which should terrify advocates of democracy and sovereignty”.

    Mr Harris-Quinney told “Macron has been vying to take her (Angela Merkel’s) place for some time, and her leaving office will accelerate this process.

    “He is a more extreme Euro federalist than Merkel and will likely seize the opportunity to create an EU superstate in his image, which should terrify advocates of democracy and sovereignty.”


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