Merkel and Macron 'undermine consensus' with pivot towards Russia's Covid vaccine

Political commentator Henry Bonsu slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron today for approaching Russian president Vladimir Putin for the Russian Covid vaccine Sputnik V. In an extraordinary move, Mrs Merkel and Mr Macron video called President Putin on Tuesday to beg for the jab to be sent to Europe despite not being approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Speaking on Jeremy Vine Bonsu laughed in the pair’s faces stating the move “undermined the consensus” of Western nations who have sanctioned Russia for the Salisbury poisonings. 

The commentator said: “Extraordinarily because they haven’t got enough AstraZeneca vaccines, which their people don’t want, they are now reaching to Vladimir Putin asking him for supplies of the Sputnik vaccine!

“Russia and leading Russian officials are under sanction so it would appear to undermine the consensus that the western countries led by Britain formed an alliance against Russia after the Salisbury poisoning a couple of years ago.”

Henry Bonsu highlighted how “vaccine hesitancy caused by Chancellor Merkel and French President Emmanuele Macron” has led to “a far lower proportion” of the German and French population getting jabbed.

He added: “It is hugely embarrassing for the European Union.”

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Mr Bonsu continued in his attack on the move by questioning why the pair are looking to get Sputnik V for its citizens despite not being approved in Europe while the AstraZeneca vaccine has.

He added: “They got themselves in this mess to be turning to Vladimir Putin for a vaccine which hasn’t yet been approved by the European medicines regulator.”

“But two or so weeks ago, AstraZeneca, again and again, was approved by the European medicines regulator.”

He concluded that “we know very little” about the Sputnik V vaccine and expressed outrage at why the pair would look to the Russian President for assistance.

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To highlight the EU’s shocking jab rollout, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also spoke to Mr Putin by phone last month to ask about procuring doses of Sputnik V.

The Russian made vaccine has an efficacy of 91.6% according to British Medical Journal.

And Sputnik V is already being handed out in some countries in Eastern Europe such as Hungary and Slovakia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently brutally faced down protests across Russia following the arrest of pro-democracy campaigner and Putin critic Alexei Navalny who is deteriorating in a Russian prison following a crackdown on anti-Kremlin activists.

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