'Mess created by EU!' Boris Johnson urged to sort 'half in, half out' Brexit or lose votes


    Despite the UK leaving the bloc, the EU and some Remainers have attempted to make Britain’s post-Brexit future as hard as possible, sparking fury among Britons. Amid the issues surrounding trade in Northern Ireland, fisheries in Scotland and the upcoming trade deal with Australia, Britons have ordered the Prime Minister to resolve the “mess created by the EU”. Due to some of the uncertainty since the turn of the year, some Express.co.uk readers have claimed they will no longer vote for Mr Johnson unless he resolves the remaining issues.

    One said: “I voted to leave the EU, not half in and half out!

    “Boris won’t get my vote again.”

    Another person said: “To achieve what we voted for – full Brexit, the following 3 agendas need urgently addressing.

    “Firstly, revoke the NIP immediately- it’s an EU and ROI problem, nothing to do with the UK.

    “Revoke the WA in full immediately and revoke all EU fishing licences – the EU are an utter disgrace and can never be trusted.

    “The Tories need to appoint a Brexit orientated Prime Minister – one who has the spheres and vision to secure the UK and deliver what we voted for, a full Brexit with no strings attached to the largest failing bloc.”

    Another said: “Ditch the protocol Boris. Do the right thing for once.”

    Other readers also criticised Remainers whom they claimed were an “embarrassment” to the country.

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    Due to this, goods passing between Northern Ireland to Great Britain must be checked to meet the EU’s requirements.

    In order to ease the tensions for businesses, the UK Government extended the amnesty for goods moving until October this year.

    While trade issues have been experienced in Northern Ireland, the UK is also nearing a trade agreement with Australia.

    Trade Secretary, Liz Truss has been locked in a Cabinet row over offering Australia a zero-tariff agreement with some warning, UK farmers could be undercut under the deal.

    However, to ease tensions the Trade Secretary has proposed a 15-year transition period to allow UK farmers to adjust to the influx of Australian products.

    Some Remainers have also expressed concern over Australia’s welfare standards and whether they match the UK’s high hygiene.


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