Microsoft Surface Studio 2+ packs twice as much power and arrives with Windows 11


    There’s a very powerful new Windows 11-powered PC vying for space on your desk: the Microsoft Surface Studio 2+.

    Microsoft’s striking all-in-one desktop PC, often compared with the Apple iMac, hasn’t had a refresh in over two years, but that changes today. Microsoft has just held a major hardware event, where the Redmond firm revealed an updated model, called Surface Studio 2+.

    From the outside, little seems to have changed with this overdue refresh. The stylish machine still has that stunning Zero Gravity hinge, which allows the expansive 28-inch high-resolution display to hover above the base. The hinge allows users to lay the display almost flat on the table, like an enormous iPad to draw, make handwritten notes, sign PDFs, annotate documents, or use creative applications like Adobe Photoshop.

    The sheer amount of movement from the screen means that, unlike the iMac, users will be able to adjust the angle to avoid glare and reflections, as well as lower the overall height of the Surface Studio 2+ on their desktop to make it more comfortable to use for long hours.

    Although things look pretty similar on the outside, Microsoft is boasting about major changes under the hood. In fact, the Surface Studio 2+ is now around twice as speedy as before, thanks to an updated Intel Core H-35 processor. And the speed upgrades don’t stop there!

    Microsoft has confirmed plans to include an NVIDIA Ge Force RTX 3060 GPU, which should offer double the graphics performance.

    Other extras packed inside the Surface Studio 2+ include enhancements to that screen with the display featuring 1 billion colours and better gradients with Auto Color Management.

    There are also improved stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos which should make this PC perfect for a Netflix binge once the day’s work is done. Out of the box, you’ll find a Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse, and Surface Pen stylus ready to use with your new PC.

    Surface Studio 2+ comes preinstalled with the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 11.

    Speaking about the new Surface Studio, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay said: “ln the fall of 2016 we unveiled the first Surface Studio. It was unlike anything else, and instantly captured people’s imaginations. With the large and vibrant 28” 3:2 display, and stylish form, this product turned heads. When we showed how the Zero Gravity Hinge could transform the display into the ultimate creative canvas, people were stunned. Even today, Surface Studio has the unique ability to draw people in.”

    There’s no word on price or UK launch …but we do know that you shouldn’t expect a bargain. When the Surface Studio 2 went on sale two years ago, it cost over £2,000. Expect similar pricing when this new model comes to UK shores.


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