'Mind-blowing' scrambled egg recipe: How to make eggs 'better than Gordon Ramsay's'


    A British foodie has claimed to have a recipe for the best scrambled eggs that are even better than 16 Michellin star awardee and Kitchen Nightmares star Gordon Ramsay. Emily English is a British nutritionist, with a degree from Kings College London. She is also the founder of the supplements brand Nutr.

    As well as sharing nutritional advice, Emily shares recipes on her blog and on her socials including her TikTok account (@emthenutritionist) where she has 32k followers, and on her Instagram (@emthenutritionist) where she has 75k.

    The food expert has detailed how to make the “ultimate scrambled eggs” in a video with over 300K views on TikTok.

    “These are the best scrambled eggs you will ever meet,” Emily said, describing the recipe as “a must-save method to give you the most mind-blowing eggs of your life.”

    “The key here is all in the method, so let me talk you through it,” she went on.

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    Emily’s ‘best scrambled eggs’ recipe

    Whisk the eggs hard in a bowl, incorporating all of the white and yolk, season with salt and pepper, and let it sit for five minutes.

    Take a nonstick pan, and a nob of butter, and pour in the eggs. Cook the eggs, low and slow.

    Stir them until they are just starting to set and then start pushing inwards to create larger pieces for texture.

    Keep the eggs to one side of the pan to reduce the contact of heat.

    Take the pan on and off, moving the eggs until they just hold together. You want that wibble.

    Then serve on a nice piece of sourdough, dressed in olive oil with a nice sprinkle of chive over the top.

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    “You will have the most insanely buttery creamy eggs to die for,” the content creator promised.

    The recipe differs from famous chef Gordon Ramsey’s in one key way, when exactly the eggs are seasoned. In his YouTube video showing his method, Gordon says: “Don’t season it because if you put the salt in now what actually happens is it breaks down the eggs, and it starts turning them into something very watery.”

    One fan pointed this out, commenting on Emily’s video: “Gordon’s method. On off the heat etc. but Gordon says no seasoning beforehand.”

    Emily replied: “I’m going to say my method is better… just try it.”

    Another remarked: “These look so good but I’m so worried that my eggs will be too runny and poison me.”

    But the nutritionist responded: “There’s a line between raw and cooked. As long as they hold together with that wobble you can be sure they are cooked!”

    If scrambled eggs are not to your taste, how about a poached egg? One chef has detailed her “foolproof” poached egg recipe. 

    The professional chef and food expert has experience making hundreds of eggs, she told fans.


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