Moment Iran football team defy brutal Islamic regime by refusing to celebrate cup victory


    An Iranian professional football team has refused to celebrate after winning the domestic Super Cup in solidarity with the protesters voicing their dissent against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets to protest against the Islamic regime over the past six weeks, with the state-employed Iranian Revolutionary Guards killing dozens of children in an attempt to stop the civil unrest. In footage released on social media, the Tehran-based team Esteghlal Football Club can be seen solemnly lifting up the cup in silence as many of the players keep their arms folded. In an interview later, their captain dedicated the cup to Iranian women. 

    The civil unrest in Iran has reached unprecedented levels and shows no signs of abating. Footage has emerged of protesters in the past week screaming “This is the year of blood, Syed Ali [Khamenei] will fall” and “Death to dictator, Death to Khamenei, and Mullahs must get lost”. 

    In the Iranian capital of Tehran, where Esteghlal FC is based, protesters chanted slogans from their balconies and the rooftops on Tuesday and Wednesday night, while others rallied in barricaded streets. 

    In the small city of Bukan, near the Iraqi border, protesters set fire to a transit road to the city of Miandoab 60 kilometres north. 

    Others chanted “Kurdistan will survive as long as one Kurd is alive” as protests and resistances began in Mahabad, in the West Azerbaijan province. 

    Momen Zandkarimi, an 18-year-old teenager, became the latest young victim of the brutal Iranian regime after he was killed by direct fire from the security forces during a protest on Wednesday. 

    At least 16 Kurdish citizens were killed during last week’s protests, which happened 40 days after the death of Masha Amini. 

    According to the human rights group Hengaw, 88 percent of these victims were killed by direct fire from the Iranian security forces. 

    One of the citizens killed was 16-year-old Komar Daroftadeh, from the city of Piranshahr in western Iran, who died on Sunday after being struck by direct gunfire from Iranian security forces the previous night. 

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    In light of the regime’s brutal crackdown, the United States announced on Wednesday it will seek to oust Iran from the UN’s premiere global body fighting for gender equality. 

    US Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Twitter: “Today we are announcing our intention to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women. 

    “Given Iran’s brutal crackdown on women and girls protesting peacefully for their rights, Iran is unfit to serve on this Commission. To the protestors: we see you and we hear you.” 

    At an informal meeting of the UN Security Council later on Wednesday, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield added that Iran’s membership “is an ugly stain on the commission’s credibility” and “in our view, it cannot stand”. 

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