Monty Don shares ‘effective’ way to treat ‘slippery’ and ‘dangerous’ paths and patios


    Make comfrey feed

    Comfrey is high in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which makes it perfect for most plants.

    Making comfrey feed is a job to prepare you for next spring.

    Monty said: “There are lots of fresh comfrey leaves in the garden now, but they will soon disappear and won’t grow again until next spring which means that if you want to make a comfrey feed, that may not be ready until June.

    “However, if you gather leaves now, cram them into a bucket, as many as you can, chop them up a bit, and then top that up with water, that will give you the material for a good comfrey feed that you can use as soon as plants start to grow early next spring.”


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